Sunday, 10 May 2009

This Week In AT-ATs

I'm on a pretty heavy Star Wars kick at the moment. I've been re-reading the annotated scripts, and I finally bought myself the original trilogy on DVD, which means I'm now sat watching the un-CGI'd 1977 theatre- release of 'A New Hope' for the first time in...what...maybe 15 years or something? It remains a magical experience. While Googling around I stumbled across this 'GRAFF-AT', produced by hella geeked-out NY art-punk project Suckadelic. It sold at auction in 2002 for like £1200 or something - not bad for a Hasbro action toy with some doodles on it. Apparently all the tags are written in 'Aurebesh', a fictional language which features in the movies. All in all, stupidly cool

...and in other stupidly cool AT-AT news, check out this:

That's right. It's an AT-AT boombox. Freakin' ridiculous. I can't quite work out what the deal is with this - whether it's like a one-off art piece, or a bone fide might-at-some-point-be-commercially-available product. I kind of get the impression it's probably the former, which sucks. More AT-AT news this time next week.